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Pontiac 316 V8 Engine

The 316 V8 was a very important engine for Pontiac as it made its push for recognition in the horsepower wars. One version of the Pontiac 316 called the Strato-Streak gained a lot of notoriety due to the fact that it was the first engine ever from Pontiac to be equipped with dual quad carburetors. This engine helped Pontiac push further into the NASCAR as well because of the impressive 285 horses that the 316 produced. Only around 200 of the Strato-Streak 316 engines were ever produced so if you ever find one then it would definitely be worth some money.

The Pontiac 316 V8 was only around for the 1956 model year as the demand for bigger engines and more horsepower kept growing. This small war between the big three led Pontiac to produce the 347 V8 engine for the 1957 model year by simply lengthening the stroke of the 316.