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Ford 406 V8 Engine

If you are one of the few individuals to have a Ford 406 V8 then consider yourself lucky. Mainly because of the fact that Ford designed these engines for racing purposes only. Of course in order to use them for NASCAR races Ford was required to sell them to the public as well. So between 1962 and 1963 the 406 was available for purchase right off the showroom floor. These engines had an impressive compression rating of 11.4 and if you opted to buy the dual 4 barrel carbureted version then what you got was 405 horses under your hood.

Because the cubic inch wars had already begun, Ford decided to end production of the 406 (which was actually only 405.1 cubic inches) in the last part of 1963 and replace it with the Ford 427 which would produce 20 more horsepower than the top end 406. Still the 406 would be more of an interest to collectors and racing fans today simply because of the nostalgia.