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Ford 360 V8 Engine

The Ford 360 Truck engine was introduced in 1968 as the latest FE, or Ford-Edsel, V8 engine to power Ford trucks.

Unlike the Ford 352 V8, the Ford 360 was used almost exclusively in the Ford Truck F-Series models; however, the cams used in the Ford 352 V8 and the Ford 390 V8 were placed in the Ford 360 to give the F-Series a similar, optimal performance of other Ford cars such as the late 1950s model Thunderbirds and late 1960s model Mustangs as well as Mercury models which included the Monterey and Meteor.

The Ford 360 engine ended its run in 1976 as Ford used the 351 and 400 CID in their sixth generation of F-Series trucks from 1977 until 1979. In 1976, the F-Series started its streak as the best selling truck series in the United States. Because of the quality and popularity of Ford trucks, the 360 remains a popular engine for truck enthusiasts who maintain any number of the fifth and sixth generation Ford F-Series.