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Ford 351 Cleveland V8 Engine

The Ford 351 Cleveland engine was introduced in 1970 as a response to the Chevrolet 350 V8 engine . Named for the Ohio city where it was produced, the 351 Cleveland was expected to be Fordís most innovative small-block engine. Similar to the Ford 351 Windsor V8 , the Cleveland had smaller connecting rods to allow for a more rapid acceleration.

The 351 Cleveland was used primarily in the Mercury Montego and Ford Torino models of the early 1970s, but was also an option for the Ford Falcon.

Unfortunately, the 351 Cleveland was quickly beset by difficult economic conditions. During the 1970s, unleaded gasoline and other low octane fuels were introduced as the U.S. government adjusted the air quality standards to reduce smog, thereby generating less demand from the average car buyer and making the engine a novelty for high octane-fueled muscle and race car enthusiasts. The 1973 energy crisis provided the fatal blow as production of the 351 Cleveland was discontinued by 1974.