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Ford 240 Inline 6 Cylinder Engine

The Ford 240 inline six, which was first produced in 1963, was the predecessor to the popular Ford 300 4.9 liter that was one of the most reliable engines that Ford ever produced. The Ford 240 six was no different in its reliability and ease of service. From beginning of its production to the end Ford installed only the single barrel Carter YF carburetor which was equally as reliable as the engine itself. From 1963 to 1964 the Ford 240 was only used in trucks until it became a common engine in many Ford automobiles in 1965. After 1970, Ford decided to no longer install the 240 inline six in its new line up of automobiles but did continue using the engine in fleet cars until 1974. After that the Ford truck line kept using the 240 through 1977.

Even though the Ford 240 six was never as popular as the 4.9 300 six, it still deserves a great amount of respect as being an engine that was truly designed to last as well as easily repaired if need be. Today the engine is equally enjoyed by racing enthusiast as many other Ford inline six engines are.