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Ford 200 Inline 6 Cylinder Engine

In the middle of 1963 Ford unveiled the 200 inline 6 because of the bad press it was receiving due to the sluggish 170 that was being offered in the Mustang. The Ford 200 had 15 more horsepower than the 170 and almost 34 more foot pounds of torque. In August of 1964, Ford decided to offer the 200 as the standard base engine in all of its Mustangs and do away with the 170 Inline 6 option completely. All base model Mustangs up to 1971 had the Ford 200 inline 6 and the engine stayed in production until 1984 when it was phased out. The 200 was pretty popular among Ford racing enthusiast in the 60ís because of the high torque and decent horsepower that could be gotten out of the engines when modified.