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Ford 170 Inline 6 Cylinder Engine

The Ford 170 was part of the 3rd generation inline 6 cylinder engines. These engines were produced from 1961 until the end of 1972 and were often seen in such popular models as the Falcon and Bronco. The Ford 170 had the brief privilege of being offered in the 1964 and 1965 Mustang along with Ford 200 Inline 6. This might have been a honor for the Ford 170 but it was definitely a disgrace to Mustang considering the engine produced a measly 101 horsepower There were not very many changes made to the Ford 170 over its 11 year production span. Ford offered a heavy duty version of the engine to be used in its Econoline and Bronco series. The other big change that the Ford 170 saw was in 1965 when the compression was increased from 8.7 to 9.1 which boosted the horsepower from 101 bhp to 105 bhp. Not very exciting to say the least.