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Dodge - Plymouth 350 V8 Engine

The Dodge 350 V8 engine had a very short life span of only one year and that year was 1958. It was the first engine in the B series by Chrysler that would include the 361, 383 and 400 engines. The Dodge 350 and Chrysler 383 were virtually identical and all of the parts on these engines except the pistons and water pump were interchangeable.

Plymouth also used the 350 V8 in its popular Fury for 1958 and called the engine the Golden Commando. The engine was equipped with dual quad carburetors and produced 10 more horsepower than the standard 350 V8. Not too exciting considering the standard 350 was equipped with a 2 barrel carburetor and had 15 more foot pounds of torque than the Golden Commando.

There is not much information on why the 350 was phased out so quickly. Most likely it was because people did not see much of difference between a 350 and 361 as far as horsepower goes and having two engines so similar would have not been the wisest business decision in regards to saving money.