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Dodge - Plymouth 273 V8 Engine

The Dodge - Plymouth 273 V8 was the first engine in Chrysler’s LA series that began in 1964. The LA Series included such popular engines such as the 318, 360 and even the V-10 8.0 liter motor that is used in the Dodge Viper. The 273 was produced through 1969 and was used in such models as the Valiant, Dart and Plymouth Barracuda. In 1966 Chrysler released a limited edition of the 273 that had a 700 cfm carburetor as well as a higher life camshaft. These added features pushed the 273 V8 from 235 horsepower up to 275 horses.

The Dodge – Plymouth 273 V8 like many smaller V8s from the 60s served its purpose in being a reliable engine that people could enjoy without spending a lot of money. Unfortunately these engines are often overshadowed by the big block engines like the 383 and 440.