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Dodge - Plymouth 230 Flathead 6 Cylinder Engine

The Dodge 230 inline six engine was first introduced for the 1942 model year and was a continuation of the popular Chrysler flathead 6 series that were first produced in 1933. Chrysler then decided to put all auto manufacturing for the public on hold from 1943 to 1945 as it was busy building trucks and other military equipment during World War II. In 1946 the 230 inline six appeared again in the Dodge lineup and was the only engine that would be used in their automobiles until 1953 when the Dodge 241 came into production.

The 230 inline six continued in the Dodge and Plymouth lineup until the end of 1959 when it was replaced by the Dodge 225 slant six. Like most of the older Chrysler 6 cylinder engines, the 230 was for the most part very reliable even though the horsepower was extremely low.