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Dodge - Plymouth 170 Inline Slant 6 Cylinder Engine

The Dodge (Chrysler) 170 inline 6 cylinder was commonly known as the slant six G-engine and this particular engine stayed in production from 1960 to 1969. The big difference between the 170 inline slant 6 and other 6 cylinder engines was that the cylinders sat at a 30 degree angle which considerably lowered the height of the engine block. This gave the 170 G- engine a lot more versatility when it came to customizing the engine or modifying the engine bay. In its first two years of production, Chrysler also offered a high compression model with a four barrel carburetor of the 170 slant six that produced a respectable 148 horsepower.

The 170 engine as well as the Dodge 225 slant six would be the main 6 cylinder engines used by Dodge and Plymouth during the 60s. However the G-engine in different forms would continue to be produced for Dodge trucks up until 1987 some Chrysler automobiles until 1983.