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Chrysler 413 V8 Engine

The 413 V8 was first introduced in 1959 and became the first Chrysler engine that got a factory rating of 350 horsepower and higher. The Chrysler 413 definitely made some waves in its first year of production when it was equipped with 2 four barrel carburetors for use in the Chrysler 300 and put out 380 horsepower. This amount of horsepower had still not been achieved by GM at this point in their factory automobiles although Ford did go far past these performance marks with their new 430 V8.

One interesting note about the 413 is that in 1962 Chrysler released a special version of this engine called the Max Wedge. The Max Wedge 413 consisted of two ram air intake ducts that fed into 2 four barrel carburetors that were offset from one another. The intake manifolds on the engine were quite unusual looking and favored more of a waffle making device for the kitchen that something that would go on a car. In the end however an impressive 420 horsepower was produced which helped gain the 413 Max Wedge a lot of respect. For more information take some time to visit a great site that is dedicated to Max Wedge Engines.

The 413 enjoyed lots of use in Chrysler, Plymouth and Dodge automobiles until it was phased out by the end of 1965. It continued to see use in Chrysler mid-size and large trucks until the end of 1972.