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Chrysler 361 V8 Engine

The Chrysler 361 V8 made its first appearance in 1958 as a fuel injected engine along with the new Chrysler 350. The 361 would see use in Dodge, Plymouth and Chrysler automobiles until it was phased out in the end of 1966. Most of the early fuel injected 361 engines were sent back to the dealer for a carburetor “upgrade” so it is difficult to find these motors now with fuel injection. It seems strange to say that switching from fuel injection to a carburetor would be considered an upgrade but undoubtedly the original fuel injection systems on the 361 were extremely unreliable.

Chrysler used the 361 engine in a lot of its more popular cars during the mid 60s including the Plymouth Fury. Also the 361 had the honor of being offered in the famous Dodge Charger during its first year of production in 1966.