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Chevrolet 409 V8 Engine

The Chevy 409 V8 was introduced in December of 1960 as the engine of choice for the all new 1961 Impala Super Sport. It was put into production by GM because of the performance ground that had been lost due to the new highly successful Ford 390 that had been gaining respect at the local race tracks the same year. By 1962 Chevrolet had the engine up to an impressive 409 horsepower and then pushed the 409 even higher in 1963 with a 425 horsepower model. The engine has gained additional notoriety for its performance due to the famous Beach Boy’s classic song “409”. The last year for the 409 was 1965 as GM was planning to unveil the Chevy 427 in 1966.

Today these engines still bring a lot of respect because of the massive amount of torque and horsepower that people can get out of them by beefing them up with performance engine parts and other techniques.
Note: There was a 427 motor known as the Z11 that was produced in 1963 for the Impala as a Regular Production Option for drag racing enthusiast.