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Chevrolet 327 V8 Engine

The Chevy 327 V8 was first introduced in 1962 and was available with four different horsepower options depending on what type of fuel delivery and performance setup was available. The three initial carbureted models produced from 250 up to 340 horsepower. There was also a fuel injected model that produced 360 horsepower.

For 1963 the 327 options stayed the same until 1964 when the horsepower was increased to 365 bhp for the top end carbureted model (known as the L76) and the fuel injected model received a boost of 15 horsepower which put it at 375 bhp (known as the L84). In 1965, a 4 barrel carbureted 327 V8 known as the L79 that produced 350 horsepower was put into production which gave Chevy five different versions of the 327 to use in various automobiles. Also there were no fuel injection models of the 327 offered in 1965 and afterwards.

Buy 1966 the Chevy 327 was only produced in three different models because of the continuing popularity of the Chevy 396 and the introduction of the new Chevrolet 427 V8. Chevrolet however decided for 1967 to expand the lineup of 327 engines back to 5 different models like they had in 1965. The only big difference was now the low end 327 came with a 2 barrel carburetor which severely lowered the horsepower for the engine. 1969 was the last year for the 327 and by then there were only two models produced that created 210 and 235 horsepower. Today, engine parts for this motor are plentiful and can be found at any reliable auto parts store.