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Chevrolet 265 V8 Engine

The Chevrolet 265 V8 was first introduced in 1955 and was the first small block V8 ever produced by GM. The 265 was designed for the most part to save the Corvette from being chopped due to the fact that only 700 Corvettes were sold for the 1955 model year. People were looking for something stronger than the Chevy 235 which was only good for 150 horsepower. So in just a little less than 4 months the 265 went from the drawing board to a production engine. This impressive little small block V8 produced between 162 and 195 horsepower depending on the carburetor setup and greatly helped revive the numbers of sells for the Corvette.

Although the 265 Chevy V8 did a lot for the evolution of the small block engines it was chopped for the 1957 production year and replaced by the popular Chevy 283 V8 small block. One major drawback that the 265 V8 had was that it was produced with nothing built into the block to assist with the filtration of oil. There was an oil filter that was added during production on the housing for the thermostat but it was not adequate enough to give the engine any long term durability.